About Ms. Demystify

Hello! I am Nika, an 18-year-old high school student from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Living a life of a typical teenager, I have of course been attending school for years to expand my common knowledge. Despite doing well in classes and, as a result, getting good grades on my final report, it has just never made me feel fully accomplished. Although I am a very curious person and eager to learn, I’ve never showed a stronger interest in any particular subject. I’ve also tried to participate in numerous extracurricular activities, but I just couldn’t find the one I would truly enjoy and like to pursue it.

I have gradually, thanks to the internet and the social media, come across more and more successful entrepreneur stories, tips on how to invest your money wisely, some of the funniest court cases, and other similar content. I began to dive deeper into topics like those, and not longer after, I realised I have a huge passion for business, finance and law. I’ve finally found something that really sparked my interest, but not only I’ve been craving to learn more and more, I also wanted to become a part of it. Not having found any club or organization focusing on these three areas of expertise, my creative soul was dreaming of creating something new myself. Quite in doubt and not completely sure what I was letting myself into, I decided to turn my dreams into a reality, take a first step on my own path and go on a daring adventure.

After challenging months of brainstorming, coming up with a name, writing for hours, setting up a website and getting tons of support from my family and friends, I am finally proudly presenting you Ms. Demystify, where I combine my endless interest, ideas and my perspective of the world, and then share the outcome with you.

If you want to reach out to me, do not hesitate to send me a message to my:

Thank you so much for reading my articles, and I hope you succeed in demystifying your true passion!