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I am Back… And I Started a Business!

Hello, I am back, writing a blog and sharing some very exciting news! Nika, or Ms. Demystify as you may know me better, is not just as a blogger who is eager to learn about business, finance and law anymore, but also a girl who stepped on her first real business path. Yes, that is why I have taken some time off (well, not really “off”, I was actually working more than ever and dedicated to this very special project) – I have been building a brand. Starting a business. Creating, thinking, hoping, researching, trying… but despite many challenges, I strongly believed in everything I did.

It has been the most exciting part of my life so far, and the one I am definitely most proud of. On the other hand, it has also been the most difficult one. At first, it felt like I, as a little young girl, had to put a giant heavy thing on its feet and make it stand still. I had no experience to back me up and help me lift it. Yet, I had a huge dream. Endless determination. A higher purpose. It was clear that the business could help so many people and make a difference. It is said that teenagers often overlook certain risks and perhaps dare too much. But no, no, no. Not at this project. At that time, I trusted myself so strong like never before. I did my research, put months of work into it, talked to experts, found and surveyed potential customers, made calculations, wrote a business plan. I felt so ready and knew what I wanted to do was the right thing to do. So I did it, and here I am now, sharing my story with you. The story of me and my small business Brightnin.

As far as I can remember, my business idea (on which I will elaborate later) came to my mind somewhen in November 2020. Nevertheless, looking back, I strongly believe it was not just a coincidence, but a result of my previous life decisions and experiences. About half a year before I got the idea, I started writing this blog. My articles have covered different topics from the world of business, finance, and law, which have been very interesting, yet challenging for me. Hence, I have always had to do a lot of research first. I have searched for information on so many websites I have had over one hundred tabs opened on my computer practically all the time.

I have also attended webinars, and I went to a stationery supplies shop to buy some notebooks so that I could take notes. The store offered a wide selection of products with covers in various colours and different patterns, ranging from flowers to cute animals, but my creative soul often wanted to decorate a notebook cover according to its own wishes, perhaps only with some kind of small, inconspicuous pattern which would have had a special meaning for me. Or perhaps with a motivational quote which would have been right up my street and because of which I would have had even more drive to continue progressing and learning.

While searching for notebooks of this kind, I unexpectedly, on the very bottom shelves, also spotted notebooks of which pages were not white as usual, but colourful. I instantly became curious and wanted to learn whether it was just a manner of aesthetics or were they serving a special purpose. Therefore, I threw myself into researching and found out that those notebooks are primarily intended for people with scotopic sensitivity syndrome which is often falsely recognized as dyslexia.

At the same time, I saw another big difference. Notebooks with colourful pages were not offered with covers in various colours and different patterns, from flowers to very cute animals, like the ones with white pages were. They all looked practically identical and honestly did not make me excited to use them at all.

I bought some ordinary notebooks with white pages and went home. But I could not but mull over the question, why were there so few notebooks with colourful pages, if they could help so many people? As far as I knew, the scotopic sensitivity syndrome affects the way in which the brain processes and interprets what you see, and causes you to have difficulties when reading, writing and learning. For people who have the syndrome, the black and white contrast is usually very problematic. Therefore, the severe effects of the syndrome could be mitigated significantly just by simply using colourful notebooks (in a personally preferrable shade). But in the store I went to (and also in other physical and online stores I visited later), there were so few shades available, that I was pretty sure nobody was taking the problem seriously. Or was I exaggerating? I needed and wanted to know more. I still had so many questions of which answers were a mystery that even Mr. Google could not solve, so I decided the only right next step should be to find people with the syndrome (and dyslexia, because both disorders often come hand in hand) and ask them the questions.

A little voice inside me was telling me that I might have found a great opportunity to start an actual business, which had been a huge dream of mine, but I would have never expected that it would come true so early in my life (I was 16 back then). Yet, at that time, everything about the idea was still very uncertain, so many pieces of the puzzle were still missing, and I was nowhere close to be prepared to turn it into a real business.

But this thought of creating my own version of aesthetic notebooks with pages in many colourful shades that would also be suitable for people with scotopic sensitivity syndrome and could help them, seemed incredible to me. What if I make notebooks with plain, but therefore customizable covers that would also encourage creativity and innovativeness – that is what the world (and my creative soul) needs! I was bursting with ideas about how I could make an actual meaningful impact on people’s lives. In addition, I was thinking that in this way, I could also experience how is it to create and run a business, which would be very rewarding for me in terms of learning and discovering what path do I really want to pursue in my life.

Little did I know that back then that the turning point of my life was marked. It is crazy to think that none of this would have happened if I had not started writing this blog. That is why I believe exposing yourself to new challenges is so important. The blog was once my biggest challenge, but now I see it as one of my best decisions because not only I have learned so much from it itself, but it has also led me to new opportunities in life I would have never imagined even existed.

My dearest readers, that is just the beginning. I have much more to share, but I will continue doing so in my next article, because otherwise, this one would be way too long. So buckle your seat belt, because oh dear, what all does a business path bring. If you are a bit more curious, you can explore for more details here: Let your bright ideas spark until next time! 😊