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    The Power of Ads

    In today’s world of consumerism, money is everything. Therefore, companies are advertising their products everywhere we go. But how to persuade a customer to choose exactly them, when there are so many competitors around? Well, modern problems require modern solutions, and so ads today come in many different forms and are so much more than just billboards and fliers. What’s…

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    The USA Against the USA

    “I can’t breathe!” were the last words of a black American George Floyd before his life was taken by policemen on May 25th this year. Massive protests erupted not only all across the United States, but worldwide. Nevertheless, this murder was just the tip of an iceberg - protestors’ rebellions demanding equality have been a result of hundreds of years…

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    Extraordinary Laws – Worthy to Obey?

    Most of us haven't learnt all the rules, set by our government, by heart, and it is usually enough to use our common sense to know how are we allowed to behave and how not. But some laws are so unusual and commonly unknown we have perhaps already unintentionally broke them.

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    How Wealthy are You?

    Money rules the world. Without it, we can’t afford basic necessities, like accommodation, food, water, clothing, health care and education. To me, basic sounds like something that we all need and is accessible to everyone, right? Well, that is unfortunately not the case in 21st century’s “modern society”, and you would be surprised what being wealthy in today’s world actually…

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    Profitable Crisis

    The Corona-virus crisis has been very damaging and overarching each and every one of us. Though packing a punch on economy, it has still not been completely impenetrable, and many businesses, which have been able to create new opportunities, are proving that.